Zvu Advanced G.I. Diagnostic Software.

Zvu Advanced G.I. Diagnostic Software.

Vividly Smart, Powerfully Simple.

At first glance, you can now quickly assess and classify swallows with our unique swallow thumbnail bar. Visually stunning, pressure and impedance data with simplified control to customize views, color palettes and report templates. Real-time metrics at your fingertips… all designed to enhance your experience.


Comprehensive…Versatile…Insightful. Get all that and more with the all new Zvu.

  • Dynamic, real-time metrics—automated Chicago 3.0 and CLT (conventional line tracing) data
  • Simplified controls—easily transition between views, including impedance view
  • Customizable views—flexible color palettes and simple slider-bar, opacity controls
  • User-defined protocols—provides convenient, efficient workflow
  • Collaborative dashboard—allows practitioners to share on-screen notes
  • Intuitive interface—minimizes staff-training