Tumorous diseases occur more and more frequently also in pets but the means available for their healing are very limited. Vetera-DDW-25, the world’s first antitumor preparation with deuterium-depleted water as active agent, offers a more efficient, and also milder, tool for treating malignant diseases in small animals than any other treatment option before.

Vetera-DDW-25 was registered as a prescription anti-tumor medicine A.U.V. by the Department of Animal Health of the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development (Reg. No.: 13/99 FVM). Registration was renewed in 2010 by the Central Agricultural Office Directorate of Veterinary Medicinal Products (Reg. No. 084/1/2011 MgSzH ÁTI), since then the product is available over the counter.

Vetera-DDW-25 has shown its excellent efficiency on a broad spectrum of tumorous diseases. Applied on malignant tumors in initial stage, a recovery rate of 70-80% can be achieved with VETERA-DDW-25. The product proved to be efficient in combination with surgery – in case of operable tumors – or as sole treatment. Application of the product can fully eliminate the need for operation; alternatively, the tumor brought to regression by previous application of VETERA-DDW-25 can be more safely removed surgically. Small animals treated with mammary tumors showed a response rate higher than 70%; in more than 50% of them, complete recovery was achieved. Similarly excellent effectiveness was observed in dogs and cats with rectal tumors, and more than 70% of cats with lymphoid leucosis showed complete recovery.

Long-term animal experiments and practical application have both shown that yearly cures of 1.5-2 months with the product can minimize the likelihood of cancer development, and substantially reduce the chance of relapse in those small animals made already tumor-free.

The veterinary anti-tumor preparation Vetera-DDW-25 with reduced deuterium content has been demonstrated to have no harmful health effects and no toxicity. In almost two decades of its application, no drug interaction has been observed, and since its authorization, the competent authority received no reports of adverse effects, undesired events, or lack of efficacy.

Animals consume Vetera-DDW-25 willingly and tolerate the treatment well.

Composition: water of 25±5 ppm deuterium content

Registration number: 084/1/2011 MgSzH ÁTI

Manufacturer: United Pharma Ltd. under license by HYD LLC for Cancer Research and Drug Development.

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