SafeGuide® Over the Guidewire Esophageal Dilators

SafeGuide® Over the Guidewire Esophageal Dilators

Flexibility and control for exacting procedures.

At times, there is need for greater accuracy. That’s why there’s SafeGuide, a remarkably flexible over the guidewire solution that ensures exact placement of the dilator. Position the guidewire with the assistance of an endoscope and direct the SafeGuide dilator where you need it.


  • 16 sizes: 15 FR to 60 FR (3 FR increments)
  • Choose a full set, mini set or individual pieces
  • Easy to clean with optional brushes and adapters
  • With proper care, reusable SafeGuide dilators provide years of service


  • Completely radiopaque from distal tip to proximal end
  • Flexible PVC material does not attract particulate
  • American and European depth markings
  • Reusable