RePlay® Hemostasis Clips

RePlay® Hemostasis Clips

Featuring the Smart Handle.

To facilitate the way you work, a simple twist of the positioning barrel rotates the clip 360°. Your fingers never have to be removed from the handle. The full rotation design ensures positioning without the unwanted “helicopter” effect.


Superior clip design provides clean deployment.

The clip separates cleanly from the sheath during deployment eliminating the need for additional shaking or pulling. Recognizable tactile feedback to the user helps reduce the risk of accidental deployment. In addition, the clip enables unlimited opening and closing prior to deployment.


Clip with confidence.

The geometry of the clip optimizes grasping power for enhanced vascular closure. The unique elastic telescopic design achieves hemostasis by focusing closure at an optimal tissue depth to maximize effectiveness.


  • Smart Handle
  • Repositionable design
  • Clean deployment
  • Clip geometry
  • Recognizable tactile feedback
  • 11mm and 16mm width available
  • Removable


  • Achieves full 360° rotation without letting go of the handle
  • Permits unlimited opening and closing prior to deployment to help ensure desired clip position and reduce wasted clips
  • Eliminates the need for additional shaking or pulling
  • Optimizes grasping power and clipping effect
  • Reduces the risk of accidental deployment
  • Accommodates a variety of applications and preferences
  • The only hemostasis clip specifically designed to be removed if desired