Accelerating recovery after surgery

PREcovery® is a citrus-flavored, complex carbohydrate drink that is consumed up to 2 hours* prior to surgery. It is designed to meet the fluid and carbohydrate loading component of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS®) protocols. PREcovery® minimizes the body’s stress response to surgery while improving patient outcomes and decreasing hospital costs.

*Protocols may differ by healthcare facility (please refer to the specific instructions provided by your healthcare professional.)

It is common for patients to be told not to eat or drink before surgery (also known as fasting).

However, research shows that this leaves patients unprepared for the stress of surgery, which increases the risk of surgical infection, prolonged hospital stay, and lean muscle loss.

Preoperative carbohydrate loading is a high-impact, low-cost nutritional component of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS®)*.

Consuming complex carbohydrates, such as PREcovery®, before surgery is an effective way of speeding up recovery time and improving patient-reported outcomes.