Ortho Nutrition Bundle

Ortho Nutrition Bundle

Be Ready for Surgery

Optimize your body for surgery with the Ortho Nutrition Bundle, a 4-week nutrition program recommended by your surgeon.

Optimizing care in orthopedic surgery

The Ortho Nutrition Bundle (ONB) is a 4-week, perioperative nutrition program containing our clinical-grade whey protein isolate (ISOlution®) and complex carbohydrate powder (PREcovery®). Developed in collaboration with internationally renowned nutrition researchers and surgeons, the ONB is designed to maintain muscle, support wound healing, and improve the recovery experience.

Clinically tested. Recommended by your surgeon.

Created in collaboration with the world’s top nutrition researchers, the Ortho Nutrition Bundle is designed to provide the nutritional components you need to prepare better and recover faster from orthopaedic surgery.


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