MiVu™ Mucosal Integrity Testing System

MiVu™ Mucosal Integrity Testing System

Primary diagnostic tools used in practice today for suspected GERD include endoscopy and ambulatory reflux monitoring. These commonly used tools have significant limitations, resulting in many tested patients having a vague, questionable diagnosis that is not an effective guide for therapy. Esophageal mucosal injury detected by endoscopic evaluation is present in less than 30% of patients.Currently available pH technology only measures the acidity of refluxed material at a single point along the esophagus. Furthermore, these tests fail to account for day-to-day variability of reflux, as they only provide a 24- to 48-hour snapshot of a disease process that is chronic in nature.ii Thus, current diagnostic testing in GERD is suboptimal and can have false-negative rates of nearly 30% in patients that have endoscopic esophagitis.iii iv

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