M-Catch® Retrieval Nets

M-Catch® Retrieval Nets

Durable construction for multiple deployments.

M-Catch Retrieval Nets feature netting material that is interwoven with the wire loop. This construction provides a secure assembly designed to be deployed multiple times. For a sure grip, the netting material conforms to the shape of the object being retrieved.


Crisp, accurate deployment for confident retrieval.

The handle, sheath and responsive netting loop were designed to work together to enable crisp deployment for easier positioning around the target object. Available in three lengths, M-Catch is matched to the endoscopes you use.


  • Captures foreign bodies and polyps
  • Durable construction designed for multiple deployments
  • Netting material interwoven with the wire loop provides secure assembly
  • Netting conforms to the shape of the object being retrieved
  • PTFE tubing resists kinking and bending
  • Available in 3 endoscopic lengths: 160 cm; 230 cm; 350 cm


  • Handle, sheath and responsive netting loop work together
  • Responsive mechanism makes retrieval feel like an extension of your own hand
  • Smooth actuation with a crisp deployment enables easy positioning around the target object
  • PTFE tubing enables smooth insertion through the endoscope working channel
  • Single use, non-sterile