InnerVision® Transillumination System

InnerVision® Transillumination System

To simplify organ identification and maximize safety.

Identifying anatomic landmarks during laparoscopic surgery doesn’t have to be time-consuming any longer. The InnerVision Transillumination System provides intense, adjustable illumination of the esophagus, rectum and other organs from within. Its flexible tip minimizes the risk of perforations. With it, you’ll see surgery from a whole new perspective. The InnerVision Transillumination System can be used in anti-reflux procedures, colon reconstruction procedures, esophageal cancer procedures, and obesity procedures.


Three criteria must be considered when selecting the InnerVision Transillumination System.


  • Determine cable size best suited for the procedure.
  • Select the cable with the appropriate connector (and adapter if necessary) for your light source.
  • Select the InnerVision Detachable Tip that matches your cable size.


  • Illuminates organs radially allowing the surgeon to locate the tip easily during procedures
  • Varying cable sizes available to select size best suited to procedure
  • With proper care, the cable may be reused multiple times


  • Detachable, flexible, illuminated tip
  • Minimize the risk of perforations with flexible tip
  • Strong snap fit secures the disposable tips to the cables
  • Radiates light in the tract through precisely cored channels
  • Luminosity is adjustable at the light source
  • Single use