GIJaw™ Biopsy Forceps

GIJaw™ Biopsy Forceps

Strong and ready for service.

GIJaw Biopsy Forceps help you win the tissue sampling battle, no matter how challenging the pathway. Even in extreme retroflex positions, GIJaw Biopsy Forceps actuate smoothly. The powerful, serrated-tooth jaw and large cup size ensure generous sample sizes.


Engineered for efficiency.

GIJaw Single-Use Biopsy Forceps are sterile and ready to use, reducing the risk of cross-contamination without added processing. Additionally, positioning markers provide visual cues for quick insertion and withdrawal.


  • Resilient design
  • High-volume cup with serrated jaw
  • Swinging jaws
  • Positioning markers
  • Color-coded shafts


  • Actuates smoothly in extreme retroflex positions
  • Maximizes tissue sampling
  • Aids in positioning onto the sample site
  • Facilitates insertion and withdrawal
  • Identify device length at a glance