Esophageal Dilator Storage

Esophageal Dilator Storage

Keep dilators clean, straight and secure.

Our storage systems keep esophageal dilators fully enclosed, free from direct contact with one another and integrate unique features–positive pressure environment, HEPA filtered air circulation, and 405nm LED lighting–to reduce cross contamination risk between procedures.

Esophageal Dilator Horizontal Storage Cart

Maximizing capacity, this mobile cart safely stores up to 72 dilators. Ideal for:

  • SafeGuide® Dilators,
  • M-Flex Bougies (cannot be hung)
  • WeightRight® Bougies

Esophageal Dilator Wall-Mount Storage Cabinet.

Low profile, easy to install cabinet stores up to 24 dilators just about anywhere. Ideal for:

  • SafeGuide® Dilators,
  • WeightRight® Bougies


  • 405nm disinfecting light
  • HEPA filtering system
  • Positive pressure environment
  • Durable, easy to clean surfaces


  • Provides antimicrobial protection during storage with 405nm LED lighting.1,2
  • Minimize exposure to particulates and air-borne contaminants with forced air circulation and replaceable HEPA filters
  • Cabinet provides vertical storage, keeping lumens clean.
  • Cart secures dilators flat, promoting straightness of each dilator tip.