Enterella colorectal

Enterella colorectal

The Enterella is a self-expandable nitinol uncovered stent with high flexibility that allows implantation into curved anatomical structures. The atraumatic ends and high expansion force of the stent provide ideal support for keeping the lumen of the large intestine open.


The SX-ELLA Stent Colorectal (Enterella) is indicated for palliative treatment of the obstructions or strictures caused by malignant tumors which affect the rectum, the sigmoid colon or distal part of the descending colon. It may be also used for temporary relieving of such obstructions prior to the elective surgery.
The best results can be expected when stenting stenosis in the aboral third of the rectum.

Features / Benefits

The stent is made of high quality nitinol. The radiopaque markers made of platinum-iridium alloy located at both ends and at the midpoint of the stent allow good visibility and accurate stent placement.
Atraumatic stent ends act to prevent injuries to the bowel wall.
The excellent flexibility of the stent together with the tubular shape of the stent ensure the opening of the stricture even in the angulation of the intestines and an ideal adhesion to the tissue.
The plastic retrieval loop allows repositioning up to 5 days after implantation.
The delivery system includes a radiopaque atraumatic olive and Flush Port.
MRI compatibility - "MR Conditional", compatible with 1.5 Tesla and 3 Tesla static magnetic field.


The stent can be inserted fluoroscopically or in combination with endoscopic control.
The stent is delivered sterile compressed in a delivery system. We recommend using a 0.035 ”(0.89 mm) / 220 cm stiff guidewire for the implantation.