ComforTEC Z/pH and pH Probes

ComforTEC Z/pH and pH Probes

Comfortable, Easy, Smooth and Flexible

Reflux Probes from Diversatek Healthcare are the perfect choice for every application. Our Impedance/pH and pH Probes are available in three sizes to meet a variety of esophageal lengths. Small in diameter, our probes are made from specially formulated polyurethane, which softens in response to body temperature to optimize ease of insertion and enhance patient comfort.


Performance in Total Reflux Monitoring

The ZepHr® Reflux Monitoring System employs impedance to detect reflux activity and uses pH and impedance to categorize each episode as acid or nonacid. We call this unprecedented breakthrough Total Reflux Monitoring, because it delivers all the information you need for a precise, accurate assessment of acid and nonacid reflux as well as the correlation between reflux and symptoms.